Nov 29, 2017

Zuckerberg announces new tools to expand Facebook's community

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Jeff Roberson / AP

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held the second annual Social Good Forum today in New York, at which he introduced new Facebook tools and updates to existing features.

Why it matters: Zuckerberg announced over the summer that Facebook's new mission was to "give people the power to build community to help bring the world closer together." The new tools and updates announced Wednesday are meant to expand users' communities, by connecting them with mentors or mentees, furthering donations to charities, and more.

Zuckerberg's announcements:

  • Facebook is eliminating nonprofit fees, to ensure 100% of donations go to the organizations.
  • An annual $50 million fund is being set up to match donations made through Facebook.
  • Off-Facebook fundraisers will be able to be synced up to Facebook fundraisers.
  • Facebook's blood donation feature is being expanded to Bangladesh in 2018, and plans to expand further.
  • A new tool, Mentorship and Support, will help connect mentors and mentees around the world.
  • Community Help API, a new tool that will help disaster response organizations access data to see the needs of people impacted by disasters.
  • A suicide prevention artificial intelligence, which will flag posts and videos alluding to thoughts of suicide and self-harm.
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