Oct 10, 2017

White House: Congress has "alienated itself"

Sanders takes questions at the White House briefing. Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump has not alienated anyone on the Hill, instead "Congress has alienated itself" by failing to pass legislation, she added.

The backdrop: Trump has personally attacked certain GOP senators, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. John McCain and, most recently, Sen. Bob Corker.

  • On Sen. Bob Corker's involvement in the Iran deal: "He may have voted against the deal" but Corker "basically rolled out the red carpet" for the Iran deal.
  • On Trump's comments on Tillerson's IQ: "He made a joke — nothing more than that." Trump has 'complete confidence" in Tillerson, she said.
  • On the president's priorities for DACA legislation, which include the border wall: "These are not radical proposals."
  • On Trump's repeated false claim that the U.S. in the highest-taxed nation in the world: "We're the highest taxed corporate nation."
  • On the president's response to sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein: "Nothing to add" to Trump's earlier comment that he's "not at all surprised."
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