Jan 10, 2017

Where Sessions made news in his confirmation hearing

Alex Brandon / AP

  1. Promised independence from Trump: Sessions said he is prepared to resign if asked to do something "plainly unlawful."
  2. Recused himself from Hillary investigation: This seems to be a moot point, as Trump has said he isn't interested in prosecuting his general election opponent, but it blew up with news alerts.
  3. Dodged on DREAMers: Roughly 750,000 people who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children have permits to work and are protected from deportation, courtesy of the Obama administration. Trump has said he'll work something out.
  4. Broke with Trump on torture: Sessions said that waterboarding is a form of torture and is illegal. Trump has said he wants to bring back waterboarding.
  5. Softly disagreed with Trump on Muslim ban: Sessions says he supports the general idea of banning people with religious beliefs that are harmful "to the public safety of the United States," but says he won't ban Muslims per se. Trump has repeatedly called for varying level of a Muslim ban.

What's next: The real fireworks are expected tomorrow, with Rep. John Lewis and Sen. Cory Booker set to testify.

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