Jul 12, 2017

WH puts out competing analysis of Medicaid savings

Evan Vucci / AP

The White House has released its own analysis of the Medicaid changes in the Senate health care bill to push back against the Congressional Budget Office estimates — another step in the administration's effort to convince jittery Republicans that CBO overestimates the impact of the proposed spending limits.

What the White House says: "Although CBO's estimates should be discounted because of the large errors made by the agency in estimating the toll of the Affordable Care Act," the new analysis "provides important information about the undescriptive CBO estimate" on Medicaid spending.

Between the lines: The White House statement is far more combative than the actual analysis, by the Council of Economic Advisers. The White House plays up the fact that overall spending would still increase. But the economic advisers mostly just break down the $772 billion in savings that CBO estimated over 10 years — adding context by showing, for example, that $289 billion would come from 7 million people "choosing not to have health insurance" after the individual mandate is gone.

This story has been updated to clarify the main points of the CEA analysis.

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