Oct 30, 2017

Vox Media CEO: "We do not want to become the thing we are disrupting"

Photo: Chuck Kennedy / Axios

Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff joined an Axios event this morning, helping us drive the conversation about access to the Internet, tech and media, and the impact on culture and politics. Bankoff, who helped launch the popular gossip website TMZ.com before joining Vox, talked about the shifting media landscape — in large part due to disruption.

"We do not want to become the thing we are disrupting," Bankoff told Axios' Mike Allen. He mentioned the shift from media companies knowing how to do one thing really well, to the current state of juggling multiple entities and perfecting different types of content. "The complexity has grown and we're going through a major disruption," he said. "To change a business model, to disrupt yourself, is hard to do."

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