Jan 27, 2017

Verizon is kicking Charter's tires

Verizon is considering a merger with Charter Communications, per the WSJ. CNBC poured some cold water on the report earlier this morning, but didn't dismiss it entirely. Shares of both companies fell yesterday on the news, although Charter's market cap remains just shy of $90 billion.

Why it's a BFD: This combination would bring together America's largest wireless company with its second-largest broadband provider (and Verizon isn't too shabby on broadband either). If Trump thinks AT&T and Time Warner is too big, wait until he gets a look at this.

Bottom line: New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai generally favors a hands-off approach to merger reviews if the companies can show how deals serve the public interest. Trump Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions indicated the DOJ should weigh big mergers on antitrust grounds rather than "some other discreet agenda that's not reasonably connected to the merger itself."

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