Apr 28, 2017

US press freedom could be at risk in 2017

Mr. T in DC / Flickr Creative Commons

Calling the past year the "worst year globally for press freedom in more than a decade," Freedom House announced the annual alterations to its World Press Freedom Map at the Newseum this morning, revealing the United States' potentially declining press freedom.

The Trump effect: Our "institutions face tough tests depending on the new administration, which has shown disregard for the accountability of the press."

Another "country to watch" in 2017: Russia, which "suffocates virtually all independent voices" and puts the "highest production values onto propaganda."

Losers: The Maldives downgraded from "partly free" to "not free" and Poland downgraded from "free" to "partly free"

Other countries to watch in 2017:

  • Turkey: It "may continue its sharp decline," especially in light of the referendum to strengthen presidential powers.
  • Kenya: Its "vibrant media community" is "under pressure from security laws."
  • The Philippines: The country is facing a "climate of fear" under Duterte's leadership.
  • Hong Kong: The situation is "not promising" due to growing Chinese influence.
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