Aug 15, 2017

Trump's solution for improving race relations: jobs

After answering questions about his latest views on Charlottesville, Trump's last question was about how he plans to improve race relations in America. His response? Jobs.

Why it matters: He doesn't know how to talk about race relations because he doesn't try to understand them. Instead of thinking critically and analyzing the facts that he has received, including a report from the FBI and DHS in May, he relies on an economic talking point and offers "jobs" as the solution for improving race relations in America.

Don't forget: Trump failed to condemn white nationalists and "alt-right" groups that organized a violent protest in Charlottesville on Saturday. He waited a full 48 hours to do so on Monday, ultimately saying "racism is evil." Today, he reverted back to his original statement, saying "there is blame on both sides."

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