May 4, 2017

Trump's opposition party: California

Jeff Chiu / AP

The NYT's Thomas Friedman rips off a series of facts on California that sure makes it sound like an opposition party to the Trump White House:

  • The quote: "On the issues I care about most, I'm actually counting on California. I believe California's market size, aspirational goals and ability to legislate make it the most powerful opposition party to Trump in America today."
  • The emissions: Trump wants to unwind emissions standards, while California is pushing for even stricter rules.
  • The cars: Trump deregulations on mileage rules won't happen in California, unless he wants to sue.
  • The renewables: Apple is 96% powered by renewables. Coal won't be changing that.
  • Immigration: "a web of initiatives embracing tighter border controls while also creating health care, education and work opportunities for illegal immigrants who have been living here responsibly and productively."
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