Feb 24, 2017

Trump aide: Islamophobia charge is the "cheapest shot"

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump, called ISIS "the worst jihadist threat" that the U.S. has ever seen, but encouraged the crowd that "we're going to eradicate" them, because on Jan. 20th, Trump became Commander-in-Chief. Other takeaways from his panel on "WWIII" at CPAC:

  • Saying the administration is promoting Islamophobia "is just the cheapest shot," said Gorka. The White House is trying to protect the country.
  • Trump administration "absolutely" has a long-term plan to fight ISIS, said Gorka, and contrary to some popular belief, it is possible to defeat an ideology.
  • The administration wants to "rebuild all those relationships with those people that want to be our friends... we were founded as a nation to respond AGAINST imperialism... We want to help those people that want to be our friends to fight those wars themselves."
  • Gorka's definition of victory: "We are going to make the black flag of jihad as repugnant around the world as the black, white and red swastika of the Third Reich... the brand of jihad has to be destroyed."
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