Feb 15, 2017

Tom Price visits the Hill, and there's still no Obamacare repeal plan

AP file photo

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price attended a lunch with Republican senators on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, Price and the rest of the GOP still have a ways to go on Obamacare repeal, despite his recent confirmation. Here's what we learned from members who attended:

  • President Trump may have said a replacement plan is coming as soon as Price got confirmed, but that wasn't to be taken literally. "I didn't see any plan," Sen. John Thune told me, a bit tongue in cheek. "I think what you'll see is the things they can do by administrative action would be more likely."
  • Look for more action beyond today's rule. Potential topics: essential health benefits and ways to encourage continuity of coverage.
  • Price explained today's rule and why it included what it did. One reason he included those provisions versus some of the more controversial ones? "No risk of a legal challenge," Sen. Rob Portman told reporters.
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