Oct 20, 2017

Tillerson: "Who in the world" is telling you I plan to resign?

Tillerson speaks Wednesday in D.C. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson "expressed confusion about rumors of his departure" during an interview with The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender and Felicia Schwartz:

"Who in the world is telling you that stuff?" he said. He said he would remain in the job "as long as the president thinks I'm useful."

  • On contrasting styles with Trump: "I see those differences in how we think ... Most of the things he would do would be done on very short time frames. Everything I spent my life doing was done on 10- to 20-year time frames, so I am quite comfortable thinking in those terms."
  • Asked if Trump should be reelected, "Tillerson paused for a beat, then said, 'Well, of course. ... I mean, I don't think about it, quite frankly, right now ... We've got these things we're dealing with, but yeah.'"
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