Jun 29, 2017

The U.S. war plan for North Korea has been updated

Revised U.S. military options for North Korea, including a military response, have been prepared and are ready to be presented to President Trump, CNN's Barbara Starr and Zachary Cohen report.

Be smart: Administration officials say war with North Korea in our lifetimes is not impossible.

P.S. A ban on tourist travel to North Korea by U.S. citizens, which the House Foreign Affairs Committee may mark up as soon as next month, is being referred to as "Otto's Law," for the late U.Va. student Otto Warmbier.

From CNN's Starr and Cohen: "The options ... will be presented to the president if Pyongyang conducts an underground nuclear or ballistic missile test that indicates the regime has made significant progress towards developing a weapon that could attack the US."A day ahead of tonight's visit to the White House by South Korean President Moon for a reception and dinner, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told a think thank yesterday that South Koreans are being "held hostage" by the North Korean regime.McMaster: "The threat is much more immediate now. We can't repeat the same failed approach of the past ... The President has directed us to not do that and to prepare a range of options, including a military option, which nobody wants to take.'"

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