Mar 23, 2017

The takeaways from Spicer's Thursday briefing

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

It's voting day for the GOP's Obamacare repeal and replace plan, and the Republicans don't currently have the votes, but Spicer insists that the AHCA bill "will pass." He also reiterated yesterday's claims that Trump is a "closer" and that there is no plan B on the healthcare bill — only plan A.

  • Will Trump take responsibility if the plan fails? "At the end of the day we can't force somebody to vote."
  • Can the White House guarantee no Trump associates colluded with Russia? "No I cannot unequivocally say that," he said, while slamming CNN's reporting on the topic: "You don't have anything concrete."
  • Nunes briefing Trump: "I believe that the information he brought to the president was new," said Spicer, later adding that "the substance should be troubling to everybody."
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