Sep 12, 2017

The opioid crisis in one week, by the numbers

A loaded heroin syringe at a public park in Hamilton, OH. Photo: John Minchillo / AP

Opiate overdoses kill one person every 16 minutes and the death toll continues to rise as the president delays the emergency declaration he announced one month ago.

Heroin stats from just one week, per the Cincinnati Enquirer:

  • At least 180 people overdosed in Cincinnati and its suburbs, an epicenter of the crisis
  • 18 people died from overdoses in the area
  • More than 200 users were in jail that week
  • 15 babies with heroin-related health issues were born

The big question: How will the Trump administration respond to the crisis? It still hasn't taken any official steps. The options could include a mobilization of medical resources or a mobilization of law enforcement — two very different things, Rachel Sachs, a law professor at the Washington University in St. Louis, previously told Axios.

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