May 9, 2017

The firing of James Comey

Cliff Owen / AP

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey today, and we're working to get everyone up to speed:

  1. BREAKING: "Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation: CNN reports that it learned of federal subpoenas seeking business records related to Michael Flynn in the hours before Comey's firing. We're updating along, live.
  2. The basics: Trump wrote in a letter to Comey that while he appreciated their three previously undisclosed conversations during which Comey had told Trump there was no FBI probe into Russia, he had lost faith in his ability to lead the Bureau. The cited reason: his handling of the Clinton email probe. More questions answered in a post with rolling updates, here.
  3. Full timeline: How Comey got fired.
  4. The reactions: Lawmakers and activists, ranging from Chuck Schumer to John McCain to the ACLU to Edward Snowden, have weighed in.
  5. The Nixon thing: Democrats have seized on a theme to react to the news.
  6. The Russia thing: The calls are pouring in to appoint a special investigation on Russia, in light of this firing. Justin Amash called Trump's comments to Comey "bizarre."
  7. Clintonworld sounds the alarm: They're concerned about the future of the Russia investigation.
  8. Read the letters yourself: If you want to see the letters, we've got them embedded.
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