Aug 18, 2017

Technology’s glow is making it harder for us to sleep

Brennan Linsley / AP

The glow of the tech in our bedrooms cuts through the darkness and tricks our brain into thinking it's daytime, the Houston Chronicle's Jenny Deam writes on the front page:

  • "Just by slapping on a pair of cheap orange sunglasses a few hours before bedtime while still using their regular devices, .. melatonin levels [for participants in a University of Houston study] shot up by 58 percent. Melatonin [tells your brain] it's time to sleep."
  • "By simply shifting the visual hue from blue to orange (think sunset), the group reported drifting off earlier and more easily, plus staying asleep longer. Most added about a half-hour to their sleep total; one volunteer caught an extra hour and a half."

Why it matters: 1 in 3 of us report being sleep-deprived.

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