Feb 23, 2017

Tech investor Marc Andreessen tweets again

Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen posted his first tweet in months on Thursday—and it's for charity.

Andreessen, who took a hiatus from his prolific tweeting several months ago (he's credited for popularizing "tweetstorms"), posted a link advertising the ability to ask him a question for a $20 fee via an email service from Bitcoin company 21. All the proceeds will go to Black Girls Code, an organization that provides education and mentoring for teen girls of color.

All in the family: Notably, the email service he's advertising was built by 21, a company Andreessen's VC firm has backed. One of 21's co-founders, Balaji Srinivasan, was briefly a partner at Andreessen Horowitz before focusing full-time on running the Bitcoin startup. Srinivasan was also recently rumored to be in the running for a top FDA position in Trump's administration.

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