Jan 18, 2017

Social media engagement up almost 40% since last year

The New data from Nielsen shows that key minority groups spend nearly a quarter of their media time with social media.

Data: Nielsen 2016 Social Media Report
Data: Nielsen 2016 Social Media Report

The political take: Trump's social media communication strategy aligns with these trends. In an interview yesterday with Axios, the President-elect said he would continue to use his social media accounts to bring his message directly to the people, instead of leaning on press conferences and traditional outlets, which he calls "dishonest" and says don't accurately convey his message.

The business take: Social media users that spent 0-3+ hours per day on social in the last year, were at least 40% more likely to have made an internet purchase in the last year, according to that same Nielsen report.

The technology take: A jump in percentage of social media engagement isn't surprising considering U.S. adults with smartphone access increased 10% in the last year, that same survey shows.

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