Oct 3, 2017

Scoop: $10 million fake news fight

Photo: News Media Alliance

The News Media Alliance, the trade group that represents thousands of newspaper outlets, will launch the second wave of its #SupportRealNews campaign today, which will call on the public to support real news by using trusted news sources produced by trained journalists.

Why it matters: You know the state of the news industry is a mess when a newspaper trade group is taking out newspaper ads to message newspaper employees about the importance of newspaper

  • The campaign will feature monthly rollouts of print and digital ads targeted to officials, the general public and news organization employees in all 50 states. In total, the group is spending nearly $10 million.
  • Alliance president David Chavern tells Axios "the continued push is really about the Duopoly (Google and Facebook) and ad market economics."
  • The campaign is aimed entirely at news consumers, but it also aims to give industry employees the uplift of knowing that the industry writ large is fighting hard for the principles reporters care about.
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