Oct 20, 2017

Ryan: Both left and right playing "dangerous" identity politics

Photo courtesy of CBS News

Paul Ryan told CBS This Morning that he's concerned about a growing tendency toward "identity politics" on both sides of the aisle:

I think identity politics has gotten out of control.... I think it's really dangerous for our country. And what identity politics does is it seeks to exploit fear, it seeks to exploit ignorance and it seeks to exploit differences among people and prey on those on those differences. That is how you dis-unify a culture, a society and a country. And there are people who are who for some reason believe that it's not immoral — it is — and there are some who believe identity politics is the way to win an election, and it is just wrong.

Worth noting: Asked about Steve Bannon, a particularly active purveyor of identity politics, Ryan took a pass, saying, "why worry about things that are out of your control?"

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