Apr 24, 2017

Quora answers funding questions

Online Q&A site Quora has raised $85 million in new VC funding at around a $1.8 billion valuation. Company co-founder and CEO Adam D'Angelo tells Axios that proceeds will go toward "internationalization" (i.e., adding languages ― it did Spanish at the end of 2016 with French, German and Italian to soon follow) and to increase its focus on machine learning (e.g., figuring out who should answer each question).

Late incubation: D'Angelo also clarified Quora's unusual entry into the Y Combinator program in 2014, despite already being 5 years-old at the time:

I think it got blown up in the press to be more than it actually was. Sam [Altman] and other YC partners wanted to do an experiment investing in later-stage companies, so they did a small investment in our last round. That gave us YC status, but we didn't do the normal stuff that early-stage companies do at YC... but it did make us eligible for what became the YC Continuity Fund, which is where a lot of the new funding is coming from.
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