Oct 19, 2017

Putin: If the U.S. breaks nuclear treaty, Russia will too

President Vladimir Putin at the Valdai International Discussion Club. Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia would "respond immediately and symmetrically" if the U.S. broke the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty, according to Reuters.

Per Reuters, Putin said that "Moscow is ready to develop new weapons systems, both nuclear and non-nuclear, in response to other countries doing the same."

More highlights from Putin's speech:

  • Putin said President Trump is acting unpredictably because "his domestic opponents are stopping him from delivering on many of his election promises," according to a separate Reuters report.
  • Per ABC, Putin said that Russia "will be striving to achieve" global nuclear disarmament.
  • The Washington Post reports that Putin said Russia condemns the DPRK's nuclear tests, but North Korea "should not be backed into a corner, should not be threatened with the use of power, and we should not resolve to being rude."
  • "Whether you like the DPRK regime or not...you should not forget that the DPRK is a serene state, and any contradictions should be resolved peacefully."
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