Apr 20, 2017

Pro-Trump PAC expands digital campaign

Carolyn Kaster / AP

America First Policies, run by veterans of the Trump operation, will expand their digital ad campaign beginning today to include a Facebook component that will utilize Facebook's brand new tool that lets constituents call elected officials straight from the News Feed.

Why it matters: The same tactics that these campaign vets (namely Brad Pascale and Katie Walsh) used to elect Trump are being used to raise grassroots support for lawmakers who endorse Trump's agenda. Sources say the strategic use of Facebook is meant to mimic the success the campaign saw using a near 50/50 digital/TV split, focusing its digital efforts on activating engagement through Facebook.

The details: The buy is part of a $500K+ digital investment in a combined Facebook and Twitter campaign that thanks the 12 House members of the #ROC — RepealObamaCareCaucus — who supported the repeal/replace effort that failed to make it to a vote last month.

What's next: The group hopes to expand its target set of 12 members and to eventually spend an equal amount in digital ads, as well as TV, with the campaign totaling $3 million.

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