Jul 6, 2017

Private sector hiring slows in June

Hiring by U.S. private employers slowed in June, according to data released Thursday by ADP. The report showed 158,000 new positions created, compared to 230,000 new positions created in May. Professional and business services led the way, with 69,000 new jobs created.

ADP Research Institute

Why it matters to the White House: The numbers fell short of expectations, particularly in Trump-promoted sectors like manufacturing (only up 6,000) and natural resources/mining (down 2,000).

Why it doesn't matter to the White House: ADP reports generally get forgotten 24 hours later, when monthly jobs data is released by the U.S. Department of Labor. That has been particularly true in 2017, when the two reports have experienced unusually wide divergences -- with ADP generally coming in much higher than does that official government figure. Just take a look at the last three months of ADP figures vs. the Department of Labor's initial Bureau of Labor Statistics figures:

  • May ADP: +253,000
  • May BLS: +138,000
  • April ADP: +177,000
  • April BLS: +211,000
  • March ADP: +263,000
  • March BLS: +98,000
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