Aug 10, 2017

Poll: 70% say Mueller should be able to look at Trump's finances

J. Scott Applewhite/AP

In a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, 70% of people believe Trump's finances should be on the table for Mueller's Russia investigation.

  • CNN reported on Friday that Mueller had expanded the investigation to include any possible financial crimes (even some unrelated to election), and "Trump and his associates' financial ties to Russia." Trump said in a New York Times interview that he believed Mueller looking at his finances unrelated to Russia is "a red line."
  • Other poll take-aways: 67% of those polled believe Jeff Sessions "did the right thing" by removing himself from the investigation, 60% of respondents believe the Russia investigation is "a serious matter that should be fully investigated" and 59% disapprove of how Trump is handling the investigation.
  • Sampling: The poll surveyed 1,018 adults; 30 percent of which identified as Democrats, 25 percent as Republicans, and 42 percent as Independents.
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