Apr 18, 2017

People have more faith in Dems to get things done

DonkeyHotey/Flickr Creative Commons

A majority of the public believes the Democratic Party could do a better job than the GOP at dealing with a number of domestic issues, according to a new Pew Research report.

One exception: The GOP still holds a sizable advantage in perceived ability to deal with a terrorist threat at home, otherwise opinion now leans in favor of the left.

Why it matters: These views reflect significant changes from past years, and show strong gains for the Dems on issues that President Trump has focused his efforts on during his first 100 days, meaning he has to do a better job of convincing the public that the GOP can handle these issues.

Democratic advantage over GOP:

  • Immigration, +11
  • Foreign policy decisions, + 13
  • Health care, +19
  • Education policy, +16
  • Environment, +31
  • Abortion, +20
  • Gov't spending, +8
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