Jan 6, 2017

Only 20 percent of Americans want Obamacare repealed before replacement ready

Republicans in Congress can only count on one in five Americans to support them if they repeal Obamacare now and replace it later, according to a new tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The highlights:

  • Repeal now and replace later: 20 percent
  • Repeal only after a replacement plan is ready: 28 percent
  • Don't repeal at all: 47 percent

Repealing Obamacare is a top health care priority of only 37 percent of Americans. It falls behind lowering the amount individuals pay on health care, lowering the price of prescription drugs and addressing the nation's opioid epidemic.

Why this matters: This could deepen some Republican members' hesitation to repeal the law without knowing what comes next, potentially throwing insurance markets into chaos.

Yes, but: 49 percent still support some form of repeal -- slightly edging the 47 percent who want to keep the law.

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