Jan 25, 2017

New FTC chair will reduce "burdens" on business

Donald Trump has designated Maureen Ohlhausen, the only Republican left on the Federal Trade Commission, to lead the consumer protection agency.

I will safeguard competition while preserving American innovation and promoting economic liberty for all citizens. Finally, I will ensure the Commission minimizes the burdens on legitimate business as we carry out this vital work." ā€” FTC Acting Chair Maureen Ohlhausen

What to watch out for: Ohlhausen said Monday that if she were acting chair of the commission she could direct investigators at the agency to use a standard that would likely result in fewer agency actions against Republicans. She also could start a larger dialogue at the FTC over the standards used by the agency.

The catch: The commission will soon be deadlocked at one Republican and one Democrat. So it will be hard for Ohlhausen to take any major, contentious actions.

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