Apr 17, 2017

Nevada senator grilled on Trumpcare and pre-existing conditions

Republican Sen. Dean Heller discovered firsthand today how dangerous Trumpcare can be for constituents who don't want to lose Obamacare's pre-existing condition coverage. CNN reports that an audience member with multiple sclerosis pressed Heller hard on whether she would be forced into a separate high-risk pool to cover sick people — an outcome she absolutely didn't want.

What it means: The exchange shows how dangerous the subject is for Republicans, even if they think they're taking care of sick people by setting up high-risk pools as an alternative.

"Yes or no? High-risk pools, that's my question," the woman told Heller. "Don't give me a fuzzy answer." Heller said he "will support high-risk pools, because there are some people who want them" — but also insisted he'll make sure everyone has "access to the health care that you want."

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