Jan 18, 2017

Netflix isn't worried about the possible death of net neutrality

Netflix had this to say today to investors about policymakers potentially rolling back federal rules ensuring that all content on the web is treated equally:

"Weakening of US net neutrality laws, should that occur, is unlikely to materially affect our domestic margins or service quality because we are now popular enough with consumers to keep our relationships with ISPs stable." ā€” Netflix, to its shareholders

Why this matters: This is a small salvo from Netflix in a debate over the future of net neutrality rules the FCC approved in 2015. That's meaningful because the streaming company was a strong proponent of net neutrality rules during that fight.

To be clear: The company still supports strong net neutrality protections. "We hope the new US administration and Congress will recognize that keeping the network neutral drives job growth and innovation," the company said in the earnings letter.

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