Feb 23, 2017

Nearly 2/3 of millennials are addicted to their devices


A new study from the American Psychological Association finds that nearly half (48%) of millennials worry about the effects of social media on their mental and physical health, which is twice the rate of all other U.S. adults. The survey also found that technology is nearly twice as likely to be a source of stress for those who are constantly connected to their devices, and for millennials that means all the time — 63% say they feel attached to their phone or tablet, compared to 27% of all other U.S. adults.

Why it matters:

An increase in connectivity is creating adverse consequences on our health, particularly for young adults. A 2016 University of Pittsburgh


found that social media use was associated with depression among young adults in the U.S. For millennials, there doesn't seem to be any sign of social media consumption slowing down. A recent Nielsen


found that social media time spent increased by 36% for millennials over the course of just one year.

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