Sep 11, 2017

Navy ships in deadly collisions hadn't met training requirements

Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Peter Burghart / U.S. Navy photo via AP

Two U.S. Navy ships that were involved in deadly collisions this summer did not meet training requirements, according to Government Accountability Office data, which CNN obtained.

  • The failures: 10 out of 10 warfare mission areas expired for the USS Fitzgerald in June. 6 of 10 expired for the USS John S. McCain.
  • The trend: 37% of the training certifications for the Navy's 11 cruisers and destroyers in Japan expired this June. Two-thirds of those had been expired for at least 5 months.
  • Quick catchup: The USS Fitzgerald's commanding officer, executive officer, and senior non-commissioned officer were relieved of duty after its collision. The U.S. Navy is currently undergoing a review of how it trains, maintains, and deploys fleets in light of the recent deadly collisions.
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