Jan 6, 2017

Mylan wants to cut out pharmacies from EpiPen sales

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Mylan NV has a new plan to further ubiquitize its cash cow EpiPen: cut out pharmacies as the middleman and sell the drug directly to public places.

Utilizing a similar strategy to its push to get EpiPens stocked in schools nationwide, Mylan is intensely lobbying state officials around the country to approve legislation allowing "entity prescriptions." No state allowed these sales prior to Mylan's push — now more than 30 are on board.

Why it matters: Mylan's idea has the potential to revolutionize how medicines, especially those that might be needed in a public space, are sold. At the expense of traditional pharmacies, buying EpiPens directly from Mylan would cut the product's price by more than half for the consumer, while still allowing Mylan to make the same profit.

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