Mar 6, 2017

More than half of Airbnb hosts are women


Women make up 55% of Airbnb's hosts around the world, the home-sharing company revealed on Monday. Additionally, since the company's founding in 2008, women have earned $10 billion as hosts.

Other data the company shared:

  • In 2016, the typical female host earned $6,600 in the U.S., $3,600 USD in Spain, nearly $2,000 USD in South Africa, and $1,750 in Brazil.
  • The earnings for a typical female host covers one third of annual household expenditure in Kenya, 31% in India, and 20% in Morocco. Globally, 62% of hosts who are single mothers say that hosting helps them afford their home.
  • Women make up 59% of Airbnb Superhosts (hosts that meet certain criteria, including frequency of hosting, and ratings and reviews). 61% of hosts who led workshops at Airbnb's convention for hosts (Airbnb Open) last November were women.
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