Jan 26, 2017

More than 80% of police officers say the media treats them unfairly

The majority of that sentiment, a new Pew study finds, is linked to feelings of anger and frustration on the job.

Other key takeaways:

  • White officers more likely than black officers to strongly agree that media treats police unfairly.
  • Almost half of adults ages 18-44 agree that the media treats police unfairly, while only 36% of those 45+ agree
  • Police from bigger agencies are more likely to believe they are mistreated by the press and rank and file officers and sergeants are almost twice as likely to say they are mistreated by the media than administrators

Our thought bubble: Media coverage of police activity is likely to evolve given the new Administration's position on the role of law enforcement. President Trump has made law enforcement and support for police a priority

"The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong."- Whitehouse.gov

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