Aug 7, 2017

Money managers brace for "bumpier ride" on stock market

"As central banks start to wean markets off the stimulus they've injected into the global economy, many money managers say they're preparing for a bumpier ride ahead," AP's Stan Choe writes in a story calling this the "most boring market in decades":

  • "Seemingly every day, stocks have drifted by just a few tenths of a percent in a lazy ascent to new heights. ... [T]his could be the least volatile year for stocks since 1964."
  • "Stocks are pricier, which raises the risk. ... If central banks aren't the trigger to reawaken market volatility, analysts say it could be anything that comes as a big surprise to investors, such as a natural disaster, international conflict or unexpected drop in corporate profits."
  • Why it matters: "Investors fortunate enough to be in the market have enjoyed all the upside of owning stocks with almost none of the traditional downside."
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