Jan 24, 2017

McCain rips into OMB pick

At a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing John McCain tore into Mick Mulvaney over some of his defense votes.

Did you vote to cut defense spending?

Mulvaney: "That I don't remember."
McCain: "I would remember if I voted to cut our defenses the way that you did, Congressman. Maybe you don't take it with the seriousness that it deserves…It's clear from your record that you've been an impediment to that for years."

Did you vote to withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

Mulvaney: "I was doing the best I could to represent the people of South Carolina."
McCain: "Don't you know where 9/11 came from? I know one thing about South Carolina: a majority of them don't support a full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan."

What's next: Despite the McCain theatrics Mulvaney is on track for confirmation. Even Bernie Sanders hailed him as a "straight-shooter"

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