Mar 28, 2017

Marine Le Pen courts the establishment

Michel Spingler / AP

The White House thinks Marine Le Pen can be elected as part of a Trumpy global wave. And she's an iconic face of a key trend of our time. The Wall Street Journal front-pager from Paris explores the "fiery populist" as she courts the elite — "Marine Le Pen seeks advice from same establishment she rails against":

  • "French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, representing the once-ostracized National Front, met with influential bankers, corporate executives and government officials to get advice on the radical changes vowed by her campaign. Now the group is helping plan what she hopes will be her first 100 days in office."
  • "National Front's goal is to move from a xenophobic protest movement founded by her father into a mainstream party espousing economic nationalism."
  • "Polls suggest Ms. Le Pen will make it through the first round of voting April 23. Winning the second-round runoff [May 7] looks harder because supporters of candidates knocked out in the first round are likely to coalesce against her."
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