Jun 6, 2017

Man attacks police officer near Notre-Dame

Matthieu Alexandre / AP

A man attempted to attack a police officer near Notre-Dame with what is believed to be a hammer on Tuesday. The police were able to neutralize the attack, with gunshots reported.

Le Monde reports the perpetrator has been wounded and hospitalized and French police report the police officer is also wounded. France's anti-terrorism unit has opened an investigation into the incident, per the AFP. The scene is cordoned off, per Le Monde.

Context: France has been in a heightened security state since the 2015 terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert venue, with attacks in Nice and just outside of Normandy since. In recent weeks ISIS has launched attacks in the U.K., with Theresa May warning of "copycat attacks." France's interior minister said fighting against terrorism is President Emmanuel Macron's number one priority, per the AP.

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