Jun 18, 2017

Macron's party wins majority in French parliamentary elections

Bertrand Guay / AP

Emmanuel Macron's newly-formed Republique en Marche party is projected to have won at least 355 seats in Sunday's parliamentary election, meaning France's new president will have a parliamentary majority. Other takeaways:

  • Turnout was historically low, in a sign of disillusionment with the state of French politics.
  • Frederic Dabi of the IFOP polling firm told the AP that another factor could be the considerable confusion in France surrounding Macron's party, which recruited first-time candidates from both right and left of center, and has shaken up the traditional partisan divide.
  • Marine Le Pen of the far right Front National won a parliamentary seat for the first time, though results were mixed for her party.

What's next: Macron, 39, has won landslides in the presidential and parliamentary elections in a stunning political rise. Now all the power is in his hands, and expectations will weigh heavy on his shoulders as he sets out to govern.

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