Jun 21, 2017

Latest teen summer job: fixing broken smartphones

Ben Margot / AP

"Forget Mowing Lawns; Teens Make North of $20,000 Fixing Broken Phones" from WSJ's Katherine Bindley:

"Grayson Shaw's summer job fixing iPhones earned him nearly $24,000 last year. He's 16. ... Teens interviewed for this article say they fix mostly Apple Inc. iPhones, though some work on Android devices. They typically bill something less than adult competitors, though not always.

"Joseph Kokenge, 18, found customers among fellow high-school students in Lafayette, La. ... Kokenge charges $50 to fix an iPhone 5 screen and $200 for an iPhone 7 Plus. ... iCracked, an online network that pairs technicians with customers, charges $74.99 and $189.99, while Apple charges $129 and $149 for phones not under warranty."

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