Jun 28, 2017

Labor’s next big fight: regulate worker scheduling

Library of Congress

The Oregon State Legislature is considering mandating employers notify workers of their schedules with seven days notice, The Oregon Statesman-Journal reports. The bill — which is headed to the Oregon House after passage in the Senate — would apply to firms with more than 500 employees worldwide, and would require firms give workers 14 days notice beginning in 2020.

Why it matters: After convincing 21 states and D.C. to raise their minimum wages since 2014 alone, the labor movement's next big priority is to regulate worker scheduling. Cities like Seattle and New York have passed laws in recent months mandating predictable scheduling so that workers can plan family care, attend school or work a second job. Oregon would be the first state to pass such regulations.

Union membership may be dwindling, but labor has succeeded in winning public support for aggressive state and local government intervention in the workplace.

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