Mar 15, 2017

Jobs supported by internet advertising have doubled since 2012

The ad-supported internet is today responsible for more than 10.4 million jobs in the U.S., roughly twice as many since 2012 and 3x as many since 2008, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's latest study.

While the majority of companies that spur those jobs lie in 5 key market areas (San Francisco Bay Area, Manhattan, Virginia's Arlington County, Boston's Route 128, and Seattle/Tacoma), 86% of the jobs those regions create lie outside those centers of internet industry concentration. Silicon Valley, specifically, only accounts for 4% of jobs related to the commercial internet.

Why it matters: These figures offer a small snapshot of how the Internet boom has played out beyond Silicon Valley and other coastal hubs. The study shows that ad-supported internet jobs are prevalent in every U.S. Congressional district, with some of the biggest numbers of jobs in conservative-leaning and swing states like Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

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