Apr 28, 2017

How the media covered Trump's 100 days

USA Today lead story, "One thing is certain: United we're not," by Rick Hampson: "The USA TODAY Network spent time with people around the nation and across the political spectrum ... Although they agreed on little, there's virtual unanimity that political division has worsened since the president took office. ... Some people would like to see America made whole again."

CEO President: "Trump finds that CEO-as-president isn't always a natural fit," by AP Economics Writer Josh Boak: "Asked to assess his tenure so far, management experts point to a stream of missteps that run counter to the clarity, discipline and consistency of message typical of the best executives. Blustery speeches have given way to fuzzy policies that have weakened the president's negotiating hand on such complex challenges as revamping taxes and health insurance."

Clicker: "(Almost) 100 Days of Page One Headlines ... [How] the print front page of The New York Times that covered the first 100 days of President Trump's administration, as well as a look at what former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were going through at the same point in their first terms."

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