Oct 28, 2017

How CEOs find success

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off an Apple event. Photo: Eric Risberg / AP

The N.Y. Times' "Adam Bryant has interviewed 525 chief executives through his years writing the 'Corner Office' column. Here's what he has learned":

  1. '[T]hey share a habit of mind that is best described as 'applied curiosity.' They tend to question everything. They want to know how things work, and wonder how they can be made to work better. They're curious about people and their back stories."
  2. "C.E.O.s seem to love a challenge. Discomfort is their comfort zone."
  3. "They focus on doing their current job well, and that earns them promotions. ... [M]any people can seem more concerned about the job they want than the job they're doing."

Worthy of your time.

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