Jan 25, 2017

House Republicans get in on the deregulatory action

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Kevin McCarthy — who has a strong personal rapport with Trump — shows how the Republican House will support Donald Trump's aggressive deregulatory agenda.

  • "Passing the REINS Act .... If the bill becomes law, new regulations that cost $100 million or more will require congressional approval before they take effect."
  • "The House also passed the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would require agencies to choose the least-costly option available to accomplish their goals."
  • [R]epealing specific regulations using the Congressional Review Act, which allows a majority in the House and Senate to overturn any rules finalized in the past 60 legislative days.
  • "The House will repeal the Interior Department's Stream Protection Rule."
  • "The House will also take the ax to the Securities and Exchange Commission's disclosure rule for resource extraction."

Why this Matters: See today's installment of our series Trump 101, where we delve into the new President's plans to gut the regulatory state. A top Trump insider told us yesterday that Congress needs to get back in the game when it comes to unwinding the federal bureaucracy, or you'll get a "whipsaw effect" when the next Democratic president will undo Trump's handiwork.

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