Feb 13, 2017

Hot in Silicon Valley: unlimited data is back

Verizon will introduce an unlimited data plan on Monday, its first in five years. The plan will cost $80 per month for unlimited data, talk and text for the first line and $45 per additional line. While Verizon told analysts last month it wasn't planning to offer an unlimited data option, it's clear it's caved under the threat of competition. Unlimited plans were trendy a decade ago when the iPhone and other smartphones emerged, and while AT&T and Verizon have tried to do away with the option, it's the new battlefield.

Uber focuses its mapping efforts in Southeast Asia: The ride-hailing company said that it's kicking off new mapping efforts in Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore, to gather better mapping data. To do this, it's equipped some of its drivers' cars with mapping devices. Since selling off its Chinese business to rival Didi Chuxing last summer, Uber has focused on India and Southeast Asia. Mapping is also integral to self-driving car technology, another area in which Uber is heavily investing, not to mention that local Southeast Asian companies like nuTonomy are already working on their own self-driving tech.

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