Jan 5, 2017

Holiday sales break Apple App Store records

For the first time since Apple announced updates to its App Store in mid-2016, the company released numbers — impressive ones.

  • $3 billion in December App Store revenue — a single-month company record
  • $240 million on New Year's Day — a single-day company record
  • App developers made $20 billion in 2016, up 40% from 2015
  • Users paid $2.7 billion for in-app subscriptions, up 74% from 2015

The Verge has chronicled the App Store changes, which included the addition of search ads to the iOS App Store and a better revenue-share model for developers that can retain customer subscriptions for more than a year. Apple takes 30 percent on the standard revenue split.

Quick Take: The figures show that the App Store changes have done nothing to slow revenues.

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