Feb 9, 2017

Highlights from briefing on Abe's U.S. visit

Hitoshi Takano / Kyodo News via AP

Key details from the White House background briefing ahead of this weekend's visit by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe:

  • Schedule highlights: Trump and Abe will meet in the Oval Office tomorrow, then they will hold a press conference before jetting off to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend.
  • Trump is paying: For both Abe and his wife to visit his Palm Beach resort. They'll also have time to talk on a more personal level
  • Abe "is well-acquainted" with Trump's priorities: Jobs, jobs, jobs. They will largely discuss their economic relationship, as well as reaffirm the interest in seeing a "free and rules-based trading order" in the region.
  • Trump understands that bilateral agreements enable him to negotiate terms more favorable for U.S., whereas in a multilateral agreement a member may be held to the standard of the "weakest link" in the pact
  • Japan-Russia bilateral relations: Trump understands Japan is a neighbor of Russia and respects Abe's dealings with Putin
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